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Lindos Imperial Resort & Spa

The Concept

A New Summer Experience

Discover the Gennadi Grand Resort Concept

The brand new environmentally-friendly holiday resort in Gennadi Bay, Rhodes, was inspired by the Mediterranean, and the refreshing lifestyle of the locals. Always loved by the sea and the sun, with respect to nature and a passion for life, the people of the Mediterranean live long, strong and healthy. This is exactly what we wanted our brand new Gennadi Grand Resort to reflect; our love for Mother Nature, our devotion to the beauty of Rhodes Island and the amazing Mediterranean way of living.

For that, Gennadi Grand Resort is an architectural gem with design that brings everything together; the green roofs keep away sunlight reflection, the glass panels bring more natural light inside and the placement of the pools and pathways helps the natural cooling of the resort. Together with energy conservation solutions and waste management systems, Gennadi Grand Resort can proudly boast its eco-friendly presence, in total harmony with the surroundings without losing focus to its main goal, to provide perfect holidays to all its guests.

Gennadi Grand Resort has its own unique character; centered on a main pool area, like the Mediterranean, the resort offers a spectacular holiday experience. The relaxing power of the sea and the sun, the delicious tastes of these lands, the priceless value of a good summer holiday, all at your feet with luxurious services and respect to the environment. This is the Gennadi Grand Resort concept, and we would be pleased to welcome you here.